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of prequalification selection conduct

1. Name of procuring company (Customer): Embassy of Kyrgyz Republic in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

     Location: 75871, Riyadh city, district of Fahad King, st.Muhammed Al Fiqqi 32

     Contact person: Djunushev Nurlan Asanbekovich

     Contact number: 00-966-1-229-3272, fax:00-966-1-229-3274

     E-mail address: info@kyrgyzembarabia.kg

     Official site: www.kyrgyzembarabia.kg

     Name of prequalification Organizer: State enterprise of Diplomatic service “Kyrgyzdipservice”

     Location: 720000, Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek city, st.Togolok Moldo, 10A

     Contact person: Turdalieva Nurzhamal Zhanybekovna

     Contact number: +996(312) 665544 (170)

     E-mail address: n.turdalieva@kds.kg

     Official site: www.kds.kg

2. Nature, quantity and place of work performance: design and construction of a complex of buildings of Embassy of Kyrgyz Republic in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Detailed description and requirements of works under performance are contained in theprequalification documentation.

3. Criteria and procedures for determining qualification information of participants: legal persons registered as such on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic or a foreign country can participate in prequalification. Activities of prequalification Participant must comply with the goals and objectives reflected in the founding documents of the Participant. Detailed description and requirements for participants are contained in the prequalification documentation.

4. Privileges provided to Kyrgyz (internal) contractors: no

5. Desirable or required deadlines for work completion: deadline is 31.12.2017

6. Deadline for application for prequalification participation October 24, 2016.

7. Place and order of providing prequalification documentation:

Prequalification documents are provided at the addresses indicated above, only in paper form, under a receipt to representative party (contractor) by proxy on the basis of his request for prequalification documents submitted in the original.

The fee for the provision of prequalification documents is not charged.

The deadline for prequalification documents provision: prequalification documentation is to be provided within 2 (two) working days from the date of receipt provision.

Time for provision of contest documentation: working days from 0900until 1800

8. Prequalification participant must provide all the required documents in Russian language, as well must ensure their apostille or legalization in the prescribed manner, unless otherwise is stipulated by international treaties entered into law, participator of which is Kyrgyz Republic. In addition, these documents are presented with their notarized translation in Russian.

9. Detailed requirements for prequalification are contained in Prequalification documentation.





of Prolongation the bid submission deadline of pre-qualification selection


Hereby, the pre-qualification selectionProvider – The Diplomatic Services State Enterprise “Kyrgyzdipservice”, inform you of amendments in the pre-qualification documents for participation in the pre-qualificationimplementation on building complex and construction of the Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In this regard,the bid submission deadline would be postponed in the previously submitted advertisements not later than November «08»/2016 at 10-00  local time.