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Foundations of foreign policy

Foundations of foreign policy:

The basic principles of foreign policy of the Kyrgyz Republic, goals and tasks, on the basis of which the foreign policy activity of the Kyrgyz Republic is formed, stay invariable. That was announced on the first days after the change of power in the republic.

Foreign policy is an organic continuation of internal policy for Kyrgyzstan. It reflects the consolidate interests of the multi-national and highly confessional people of Kyrgyzstan and is directed to guarantee and protect sovereignty. It is also directed to create an auspicious environment for the accomplishment of economical and political reforms of democratic orientation.

The accomplishment of foreign policy that is directed to guarantee the national interests includes the following tasks:

• Preservation of stability in the State with a view to develop;

• Stability and security in a region;

• Development of good-neighborly relations with contiguous states and intensification of integration processes in Central Asia;

• Assistance in strengthening the Commonwealth of Independent States;

• Strengthening friendly relations with advanced and developing countries;

• Development of cooperation with the UN organizations, its specialized offices, regional and international organizations, financial and economic institutions;

A rapidly changing environment in the world, and in the region in particular, arouses the necessity to work out new approaches, new formula of foreign policy strategy for maximal guarantee of security and national interests of the country.

The basic questions here are guarantee of security and social-economic development of Kyrgyzstan. Various aspects of problems of national and regional security, military-political relations with interested countries and international organizations on confrontation with terrorism, religious extremism and organized crime represent an extreme importance. The work on the mobilization of external resources, grants, technical and humanitarian help for the realization of national programs has to be continued.

The special role in the process of strengthening the security and stability in the region is given to the development of cooperation in the context of Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Collective Security Treaty Organization, and tight cooperation of Central Asian countries. Kyrgyzstan is consistent in supporting the process of strengthening of regional integration, taking an active part in other international organizations such as Organization of Central Asian Cooperation, Eurasian economic community and Organization for Economic Cooperation.

The interests and tasks of foreign policy of Kyrgyzstan lie in maximum secure of strengthening the international guarantees of independence, sovereignty, economical independence, territorial unity of the country by political-diplomatic means.

The power of democratic values and ideals lie in the basis of international policy of the Kyrgyz Republic. The interests of Kyrgyz government also consist in its normal development.

Republic makes its contributions to the achievement of the global aim of the present- the construction of the peaceful, secure and free international community. This means that republic will be consistent with and demonstrate to the world its adherence to such universal principles as an aspiration for peace, stability and possessing equal rights development of cooperation.

The condition and degree of Kyrgyzstan’s security is defined, first of all, by its belonging to Central Asia and the Commonwealth of Independent States. The existing security mechanisms and structures on the Concord area were strengthened because of this.

The role of the security agencies of the Commonwealth of Independent States is strengthened (including education of the secretaries committee of the Security Council, creation of the antiterrorist centre of the Commonwealth of Independent States,) functional possibilities of the Collective Security Treaty are extended (creation of Collective forces of the rapid expansion of Central Asian course). At the same time the geopolitical situation and stability of the region is defined by the effective realization of such a function as ensuring a secure connecting bridge between East and West.

The cooperation with such international organization as the UN, OSCE, and OIC is being expanded; the connections with NATO are being strengthened within the programs Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council (EAPC) and Partnership for Peace (PFP).

Kyrgyzstan not only realizes the necessity of cooperation in opposition to transnational threats, but also takes concrete steps in this direction. Kyrgyzstan was one of the first to become the active participant of the International Anti-terrorist Coalition by giving its air space, air infrastructure, and its resources for rendering a humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan.

Kyrgyzstan is positive that the UN is the storm center in the world struggle against international terrorism. So the Kyrgyz Republic government welcomed the adoption of a Resolution No. 13723 (2001) and other important decisions in this direction by the Security Council and attaches prioritized significance to their accomplishment.

During the last years, Kyrgyzstan has made the common and coherent efforts to counteract terrorism and drug trade and other manifestations.

The possibility of military allocation, which was introduced to the countries of Anti-terrorist Coalition, strengthens security of the KR, meets the national interests and serves as a real manifestation of solidarity with other countries of Anti-terrorist coalition. The stay of international coalition forces in Kyrgyzstan’s territory is connected with the anti-terrorist operation in Afghanistan.

Rendering of its territory for the distribution of the Collective forces’ aviation component for the rapid respond (the airbase at Kant) is the real contribution to cooperation in CSTO format.

The issue of delimitation of the state border along the entire perimeter carries a special feature and it is established as a separate branch of foreign policy. At the same time the legal description of the state border line is not limited by a definite time frame; it needs an attentive treatment, determination of legal foundations of negotiations that are based on regulations of the international law and world practice.

The most important aspect in the process of strengthening the true democratic principles and mechanisms is elimination of all contradictions, which put obstacles in the way of building a civilized and democratic society. After the events of March 24 and change of power, the global tasks for economic growth are set before the new government, for the development of which the elaboration of a new system of investment politics is necessary, including attraction of foreign credits and grants.

Kyrgyzstan will develop the achieved high level of partnership dialogue with three Powers- the Russian Federation, the Republic of China and the USA.

Geopolitical factors extend the base of diplomatic resources in solving economic problems. Wider prospects on deepening the sphere of economic co-operation are being opened for Kyrgyzstan with its coming out to the new qualitative level in the political dialogue with Russia and the USA. China is our strategic partner and the potential of economic co-operation with China is huge indeed. These tasks have to stand before economic diplomacy, the moving forces and trends of which should be increased by maximally enabling the diplomatic corps of Kyrgyzstan.

Foreign policy activity of the Kyrgyz Republic is oriented on the active development of cooperation with governments of both European and Asian continents on two-sided and many-sided basis. The priority directions of the KR cooperation are countries of CIS, EU, China, India, Pakistan, Iran, Japan, South Korea and Malaysia. It is necessary to note the current high-level dialogue of the Kyrgyz Republic with these countries. At this stage the expansion of commercial-economical and cultural-humanitarian relations is our main purpose.

For the realization of these goals and tasks, Kyrgyzstan will further develop friendly, good-neighbor and partnership relations with all interested countries.

Kyrgyzstan is interested in development of all-round and productive relations with countries of the Islamic world. Kyrgyzstan is connected with those countries by the commonness of history, culture and religion. In this context, Kyrgyzstan maintains friendly relations with Muslim and Arab countries, which are based on mutual respect of the chosen way of development both on two-sided basis and in the context of Organization of Islamic conference.

Taking part in international and regional organizations also stays as a priority direction of foreign policy of the Kyrgyz Republic. These many-sided mechanisms give Kyrgyzstan the opportunity to promote effectively its national interests on an equitable basis with other governments; take an active part in the decision making process on activities that are common to all mankind.

Continuing peaceful foreign policy, Kyrgyzstan is intended to make every effort to guarantee universal security for stable human development.