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Consular section


Subjected to the recognized provisions laid down in International Laws and Communications documents drawn up on the territory of one State are accepted for consideration on the territory of another State provided that their legalization doesn’t go against provisions laid down in the Regulations and Agreements between these States. Such Agreement between KR and KSA is exists and operated. 

Consular functions on legalization are realized in:

a) the Kyrgyz Republic – General Consular Service Department of KRMFA.

b) the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia –The Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic.


Documents legalization in the Kyrgyz Republic

Documents for abroad use drawn up by the authorized organs or their assistance in the Kyrgyz Republic territory are legalized at the General Consular Service Department of KRMFA as well as documents for use within the Republic drawn up by the authorities of the foreign countries or their assistance. In both cases legalization inscription to be put on the document. A signature of a official from Notary Department of the Ministry of Justice Kyrgyz Republic is authenticated in first case and in the second a signature of the official from the Foreign Diplomatic Representation or Offices located in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic is authenticated. 

Kyrgyz documents are legalized in copies, which must be signed by the state notary and certified at the Notary Department of the Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic. 

After document legalization at the General Consular Service Department of KRMFA they are subjected to the same procedure at the Consulate Office of the State they are to be used. Only original Kyrgyz documents on education abroad are legalized.


Documents legalization at the Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic

Prior to Kyrgyz Consul legalization of the documents drawn up by or with assistance of the authorities of KSA intended for use in the Kyrgyz Republic they are to pass legalization at KRMFA or at KSA authorized offices. He authenticates official signatures and seals using legalization inscription appropriate for this kind of legalization. Documents drawn up by or with Embassy and intended for use in KSA are supplied with his signature and consulate seal and then are legalized at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs KSA or in its authorized offices. The citizens going to KSA to be hiring or transmitting their documents for permanent residence visa should have their copies of documents of the civil status and education (certificate, diploma) attested at the General Consular Service Department of KRMFA with further compulsory registration at the Embassy of Kyrgyz Republic.

Applying for a visa

1. The citizens of the countries listed below intending to visit Kyrgyzstan (by air or by land) up to 60 days do not need to obtain entry visa to Kyrgyzstan:

1. Australia

2. Austria

3. Bahrain

4. Belgium

5. Bosnia and Herzegovina

6. Brunei-Darussalam

7. Canada

8. Croatia

9. Czech Republic

10. Denmark

11. Estonia

12. Finland

13. France

14. Germany

15. Greece

16. Hungary

17. Iceland

18. Ireland

19. Italy

20. Japan

21. Kuwait

22. Latvia

23. Liechtenstein

24. Lithuania

25. Luxembourg

26. Malta

27. Monaco

28. Netherlands

29. New Zealand

30. Norway

31. Poland

32. Portugal

33. Qatar

34. Saudi Arabia

35. Singapore

36. Slovakia

37. Slovenia

38. South Korea

39. Spain

40. Sweden

41. Switzerland

42. United Arab Emirates

43. United Kingdom

44. United States of America

45. Vatican

The citizens of the countries listed above, traveling to Kyrgyzstan for the period more than 60 days are required to obtain the visa in any Embassy of Kyrgyzstan.

2. The citizens of the countries listed below can obtain the visa (for the period not more than 90 days) on the basis of the personal application in any Embassy of Kyrgyzstan without an invitation letter:

1. Albania

2. Andorra

3. Argentina

4. Brazil

5. Bulgaria

6. Chile

7. Cyprus

8. Indonesia

9. Israel

10. Macedonia

11. Montenegro

12. Mexico

13. Philippines

14. Romania

15. Sultanate of Oman

16. San Marino

17. Serbia

18. Republic of South Africa

19. Thailand

20. Turkey

21. Venezuela

3. The citizens of the countries listed below enjoying non-visa/partial visa regime

A. Citizens holding any type of passport of the following countries are exempt from visa requirement to enter Kyrgyzstan:

1. Azerbaijan Republic
2. Republic of Armenia
3. Republic of Belorussia
4. Georgia
5. Republic of Kazakhstan
6. Korean Democratic People’s Republic,
7. Republic of Cuba
8. Malaysia (with official and tourist purpose up to one month)
9. Republic of Moldova
10. Mongolia (up to three months)
11. Russian Federation
12. Vietnam
13. Republic of Tajikistan
14. Turkey (up to one month)
15. Ukraine (up to three months)
16. Japan
17. Republic of Uzbekistan (up to two months)

B. Citizens holding diplomatic and official passports of the following countries are exempted from visa (up to one month):

1. Republic of Hungary
2. People’s Republic of China
3. Turkmenistan
4. Republic of Uzbekistan (up to two months)
5. Slovakia
6. Republic of Korea
7. Islamic Republic of Iran
8. Islamic Republic of Pakistan

C. Citizens holding diplomatic passports of following countries are exempted from visa requirement to enter Kyrgyzstan:

1. Republic of Austria
2. Kingdom of Belgium
3. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
4. Hellenic Republic
5. Kingdom of Denmark
6. Republic of Island
7. Kingdom of Spain
8. Italian Republic
9. Canada
10. Luxembourg
11. Kingdom of Netherlands
12. Kingdom of Norway
13. Portugal Republic
14. United States of America
15. Federative Republic of Germany
16. Finish Republic
17. French Republic
18. Swiss Confederation
19. Kingdom of